Our Story

A few years ago, we asked the hard question: why would a distributor call us instead of one of the huge suppliers? After more than twenty years in the promotional industry, we’d been through a lot: wrenching changes to technology and product line, tough competition, regulatory challenges and a recession that brutalized us. It had been a turbulent ride. We were still standing, but realized we needed to define our way if we were going to prosper in a rapidly changing industry.

Although we’d been known for product innovation, especially fun products, we knew that wasn’t enough to explain the distributor loyalty we received. After much thought, we realized what we offered was a personal experience, not an impersonal transaction. We cared. So, we made our unwritten philosophy our company motto: You Matter. We Deliver.

Our product line has grown to over 400 products, but we’re still a closely held small company with old school values. Most employees have been here for more than ten years. They are committed. We answer the phone. We answer emails. We try to fill orders perfectly. Our print department quality standards are high, as evidenced by ongoing contract print work for medical and tech firms.

If we fail to deliver to expectations, we try to make it right. If you have an idea or a problem, you can reach our executive team quickly, and if not, our employees are empowered to make fast decisions. Sometimes it’s so hot here in Arizona, we can’t go outside anyway, so we figure it’s just another reason to buckle down and get your jobs done!